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A Successful Business is a People Business

Dennis Diede   Diede services are custom designed to help our clients deal with the most important issues facing today's business executive and human resource professionals.

   Attracting and holding on to great employees requires that today's employers pay close attention to 'quality of life' issues which are of vast importance to a people oriented workplace.

   At Diede Dynamics, we help our clients create an atmosphere of cooperation and respect in their place of business. We believe that people who can communicate well and who build better working relationships are more productive, have less stress and enjoy their lives more.

  • All Programs are Customized
  • Client Trust and Respect is Paramount
  • Your Satisfaction is Our Main Goal

Master of Ceremonies
   CSAE Trade Show

   A partial client list includes: 

* California Assn. of Leadership Programs
* CA Correctional Peace Officers Assn.
* UC Davis Medical School
* Elk Grove Unified School District
* Sacramento Association of Realtors 
* Sam's Club (Wal-Mart Corp.) 
* Elk Grove Community Services District 
* Sacramento Superior and Municipal Courts
* Franchise Tax Board (State of California)
* Association of California Water Agencies
* Elk Grove Adult Community Training (EG ACT)
* San Bernardino County Probation Department 
* Meeting Professionals International.



California Society of Association Executives
* Associate Member of the Year *
2000 - 2001












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"Our mission is to present highly valuable information while ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning experience"


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Diede Dynamics is a Human Relations company and not a law firm. We do not offer legal services or legal advice. If you require legal advice, please seek the help of a licensed lawyer.


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