2 Day Retreat

Association and company executives have found that the Retreat Process is an important tool for building a successful organization.

A retreat differs from a normal planning session in many ways. In daily life, many distractions exist for the busy members of a group. In this instant age we live in of cell phones, email and faxes, getting away from it all can serve many purposes.

What is a Retreat:

A tool for higher level executives and boards of directors
A planning session held in a 'non-office' location (e.g. a resort)
A fun, low stress atmosphere where attendees can relax
Facilitated by an outside professional who guides the agenda

Why a Retreat is right for your group:

Create strategic plans for the coming year or longer time frame
Examine current systems and brainstorm improvements
Develop working relationships and to build trust
Help new members come up-to-speed and get them involved

The secret to the success of a retreat  is having a highly skilled professional to facilitate the program.

Choosing the right facilitator will:

Assist you in planning a successful event
Maintain focus and directs the 'flow ' of the meeting
Encourage respect for others and open communication
Prevent time-wasting tangents and 'clutter' from taking over
Create an upbeat and enjoyable learning atmosphere
Keep the retreat moving and avoids obstacles


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