2-Hour Employee Workshop
a sexual harassment prevention program

State and federal law requires employers to take all reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment. The best way to prevent harassment is to train everyone on your staff together.

Diede trainers deliver the required training in a fun, upbeat manner. It is a fact that people learn better in a safe environment. We do this, while keeping your investment in time and money low. 

You will learn:

Proven tips and techniques for prevention
Translates scary legal jargon into easy to understand language
How communication problems can cause sexual harassment
That cultural differences lead to disputes & misunderstandings
The different ways men and women communicate
How to build high-quality working relationships

This workshop:

Meets the spirit of the law's reference to required training
Is presented in an upbeat, positive and non-threatening way
Includes an easy-to-understand reference guide for each person
Shows how to build harmony and good will in the workplace
Demonstrates your company's desire  for prevention
Discusses issues like diversity, violence prevention


Important Disclaimer

Diede Dynamics is a Human Relations company and not a law firm. We do not offer legal services or legal advice. If you require legal advice, please seek the assistance of a licensed lawyer.