Frequently Asked Questions

There are many confusing aspects to human relations issues. The list below has been gathered from actual clients we have worked with:


  Q1: Does Diede Dynamics offer "public" seminars where 1 or 2 people can attend?
  A: No we do not. Public seminars are not cost effective and virtually useless for teaching our subject matter. The employees of our clients gain extremely valuable knowledge from learning in a group of the people they work with on a regular basis.

  Q2: Why is this so?
  A: Learning is much easier when done as a group of people who know each other and already have some type of relationship. Also, because the law (almost) requires training in Sexual Harassment Prevention, is much better to train groups of your employees at the same time.

  Q3: What does communication have to do with sexual harassment prevention?
   A: From our research, up to 95 percent of harassment complaints occur because men and women send conflicting verbal messages which lead to misunderstandings.

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