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Dennis G. Diede
Speaking to the CA Society of Association Executives
This pages includes an exchange of tidbits & factoids of information for the education and enlightenment of our visitors. It is meant to be a collection of items which many of our clients will find useful and amusing.

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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training:

While not specifically required by state and federal law, the courts almost always consider training to be a REASONABLE step in prevention. When reading the laws, there is almost ALWAYS a reference to employers taking all REASONABLE steps to prevent harassment.
SO, the prudent employer would be wise to follow the spirit of the law and provide the necessary training for their employees. After all, it is just good business practice to protect one's employees from harm.

Rape Laws:

Rape laws were originally written to protect men, not women?
     When rape laws were written, women were considered to be the property of men. Fathers viewed their daughters as a valuable commodity which could bring a dowry when she was to given to her husband in marriage.
     The husband saw his wife as part servant and a source of heirs. If she was raped, she was viewed as "damaged goods." So men wrote rape laws to protect their 'property.'
     To this day, women are still 'given away' in a ritual ceremony called marriage. You can see how men might be confused by the situation.
      In order to achieve the respect they deserve, women must realize that to act as a servant or the property of others is damaging to their best interest.

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