Dennis G. Diede
Speaking to the CA Society 
of Association Executives

           The Power of Diversity

Awareness of, and training on diversity issues are absolutely essential for succeeding and  competing in today's ever-evolving marketplace.

 We believe that managing an increasingly diverse workforce effectively is directly related to increased productivity and employee satisfaction.

Individuality, the Ultimate Diversity:

True diversity is more than color, gender and ethnicity. It is about understanding and treating people as unique, distinct individuals. With a broad cross-section of employee backgrounds, we are better able to serve our clients.

Key Features of this Program:

Understanding How Values Differences Affects Behavior.
Learning How Communication Styles Affect Relationships.
Develop Your 'People Reading" Skills to Help Build Trust.
Discover How Our Culture Influences the Way We See Things

Everyone has a unique background and respecting people's sensitivities and cultural heritage is critical to success.

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