Employee Relations

Dennis G. Diede
Speaking to the CA Society 
of Association Executives

Satisfied Employees Stay Around

Employees in the new millennium are looking for personal AND professional satisfaction. Quality of life issues are increasingly important and cannot be ignored by the savvy employer.

 We believe that managing an increasingly mobile and literate workforce has created new challenges for today's HR professional. 

The Type of Organization People Want to Work for:

The brightest industry talent know that there are many high-quality employers searching for them. They know they can pick and choose the company and management team they want to work for. This creates a responsibility to develop a great workplace atmosphere.

Key Features of this Program:

Understanding How to Communicate Instructions.
Learning to Appreciate Each Individual's Values.
Develop Your 'People Reading" Skills to Make Connections.
Discover How to Show Respect and Still Maintain Control.

Everyone wants to be satisfied with their career. This program will help managers get the most from their employees, while insuring a safe and pleasant workplace.



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