Full Day Executive Seminar

"He Said, She Said, The Art of Gender Talk"
a sexual harassment prevention program

This seminar is designed for supervisors and upper level executives, because increased responsibilities require increased skill levels.

In this seminar, the executive will get the depth and breath of human relations skills needed to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. This seminar builds on the 2-hour and half-day programs.

How you will benefit:

Prevent costly and damaging lawsuits
Increase employee productivity
Reduce stress and job-related illness
Retain valuable employees and staff
Save money on recruiting and training costs
increase profits and raise the bottom line

Have fun while learning these skills:

How to create an atmosphere of harmony
How to appreciate our natural gender differences
How to interpret different 'male' and 'female' cultures
How to develop and use 'people reading' skills
How to broaden your range of communication styles
How to use the 'Platinum Rule' to build rewarding relationships

Executives must be up-to-date on these important issues:

People skills
Team Building
Quality of life concerns
Motivating your people
Conflict resolution techniques
Sexual harassment prevention


Important Disclaimer

Diede Dynamics is a Human Relations company and not a law firm. We do not offer legal services or legal advice. If you require legal advice, please seek the assistance of a licensed lawyer.