Management Skills

Dennis G. Diede
Speaking to the CA Society 
of Association Executives

     Superior Management Skills

The savvy manager is always looking for ways to improve their techniques and skills for getting the most from their human resources.

At Diede Dynamics, we believe that the old ways of managing employees simply don't work in the 21st century. Keeping up to day with the latest management methods is critical to the success of today's professional. 

Superior Managers Know the Way to Success:

The road to success is paved with great management skills. In this seminar, we explore the best, proven strategies for creating a high power organization. The 'rules' are changing. Update your skill level and get ahead of the changing workplace.

Key Features of this Program:

Preventing and Resolving Disputes Which Cause Disharmony.
Learning to Become a Highly Respected Leader.
Develop Your 'People Reading" Skills to Make Connections.
Discover How to Motivate and Inspire Your Staff - and Yourself.

The hardest job a manager has is to be ready to deal with the unexpected. We will examine how the workplace is changing and what type of leader our employees will follow - or NOT follow.

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