Dennis G. Diede
Speaking to the CA Society 
of Association Executives

 Build Professional Relationships

Professional success is all about who we know and who know us. In a word - Relationships.

Building relationships is about building trust and a sense of common values. At Diede Dynamics, we believe building relationships is  an honorable method of self-promotion that really works - and a great tool for your career.

Network Marketing:

Whether you're selling a product, a service or yourself, networking is all about creating relationships built on trust. Everyone prefers to deal with people we can understand and feel comfortable with. In this workshop, we will examine ways to build a confidence level with the people we come into contact with, both on the job and off the job.

Key Features of this Program:

Understanding How Shared Values creates a Lasting Bond.
Learning to Choose Who to Network With and Why.
Develop Your 'People Reading" Skills to Make Connections.
Discover How to Approach New People Without Fear.

Relationships really are the key to a successful and happy life. This program is an interactive session where we all share the methods for making those lasting bonds.

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